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Black Olive


PLEASE NOTE: Pricing for larger slabs and kiln dried wood maybe higher than what is displayed on this website

Bucida is a widely used tree in South Florida. It is claimed to be native to the upper Florida Keys, but that is disputed. Commonly known as the “Black Olive” this member of the Combretaceae family does not produce edible olives, only small, hard, seed capsules. Florida Black Olive makes a wonderful and very large shade tree.

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Displayed Prices Are Per Board Foot
To Calculate Board Feet: (L(in) x W(in) x Thickness(in)) / 144
Example: (96 in x 40 in x 2 in) / 144 = 53.33 Board Feet (BF)

Bucida buceras is a tree in the Combretaceae family. It is known by a variety of names in English, including bullet treeblack olive treegregorywood (or gregory wood), Antigua whitewood, and oxhorn bucida.[1] It is native to MexicoCentral America, the Caribbean, and northern South America.[2] It is commonly found in coastal swamps and wet inland forests in low elevations.[3][4]

To grow it prefers high sunlight and rich, moist, well drained soil. It is highly tolerant to salt, insects, fungus, wind, and air pollution.[3][4] Its roots are able to dig up paving stones and damage foundations.[4]

The wood of the bullet tree is extremely hard and durable. Being highly resistance to insects and fungi, it is sometimes used for house posts or bridge timbers. The bark may be used for tanning leather due to its contained tannins.[3][4] Generally it is also often used as an ornamental/shade tree.[4]


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