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Cherry Slabs


Displayed Prices Are Per Board Foot
To Calculate Board Feet: (L(in) x W(in) x Thickness(in)) / 144
Example: (96 in x 40 in x 2 in) / 144 = 53.33 Board Feet (BF)

PLEASE NOTE: Pricing for larger slabs and kiln dried wood maybe higher than what is displayed on this website

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A native tree to Florida, the Cherry tree can mature to over 100 feet tall.  It is a deciduous tree that was used a lot between the 16th -18th century for making furniture.  Because of its versatility, you can find Cherry in many other wood products such as flooring, paneling, cabinetry, toys, scientific equipment, music instruments, arts and crafts, woodturning, buttons, handles, and much more… A typical characteristic of the Cherry wood type is that it will darken with age when exposed to sunlight.  However, it is a great wood and easy and preferred wood to work with.





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